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  1. Jimmy Keary says:

    This is an extract from the Hillside Players production of ‘Mother Knows Best’ in 2009 with Tom Murphy as Harry and Annette Crowley as Tess.
    Harry has had enough of Tess’ domineering, and in this, the closing scene of the play, the worm finally turns.

  2. Annette Crowley (Tess) says:

    Hi Jimmy,
    Just like to wish you all the best. Just watched the video — cringing —- have to say it was a great play. Well done.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the good wishes, Annette. No need to cringe! Excellent performances from yourself and Tom and from the whole cast and an excellent production.
      It’s the most-played dvd in my house.

  3. Nic Fewer says:

    Delighted to see part of one of your plays at last, Jimmy! Annette, as Jimmy said, no need to cringe, that’s something I do the odd time I watch “Mrs Brown’s Boys”, Jimmy doesn’t have to resort to four letter words (Well, certain ones, anyway!) to get laughs, REAL talented comedy writing does that!

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