The ‘Yes’ Man

Salesman, Gerry O’Brien is desperate to curry favour with his boss, Leonard Fletcher in order to secure a promotion. Among those also vying for the promotion is Philip Ryan, who is out to sabotage Gerry’s plans.
After a series of disasters, Gerry invites Fletcher to dinner at his home a few nights later, to be hosted by his stunning girlfriend, Samantha.
However, when Samantha cries off at the last minute, Gerry persuades Andy – an award-winner in a local talent drag act – to assume her role. But Fletcher is overly amorous, has dodgy eyesight and a wife who is out for his blood.
Matters are further complicated when Gerry’s godmother, Kitty O’Donnell recognizes Fletcher as the man who jilted her at a dance some thirty years previously.

List of characters:

Gerry O’Brien – a young sports company rep in his early thirties
Andy Gilligan – Gerry’s best friend, who is of similar age
Kitty O’Donnell – Gerry’s outspoken godmother and housekeeper
Leonard Fletcher – Gerry’s oily boss, who is in his late fifties
Margaret Fletcher – Fletcher’s fiery social climbing wife, who has a secret past
Joan Greene – the colourful winner of the Miss Tinkle Beauty Contest
Julia Lacey – a grumpy friend of Kitty’s
Philip Ryan – a slimey work colleague of Gerry’s
Camilla Finnegan – the frosty receptionist at Fletcher’s Physicals

Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Based on my one-act play, ‘A Night To Remember’

Performed by:
Gurteen Drama Group, Gurteen, Co. Sligo – February 2004 (3 nights)

Aisteoiri na Boinne Drama Group, Drogheda, Co. Louth – February 2012 (5 nights).

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