The House Husband

Henpecked husband, Paschal McHugh has just given up his teaching job because of stress, and has decided to become a house-husband, much to the disgust of his wife, Geraldine, a high-flying bank official. She is in the middle of organizing a housewarming party, which she hopes will be the envy of all.
In order to boost Geraldine’s opinion of him, Paschal and his friend, Richie Collins decide to stage a mock robbery during the housewarming party. The idea is for Paschal to tackle ‘the thief’ and become a hero in his wife’s eyes. However, things do not go according to plan when a real thief breaks into the house at the same time. Meanwhile, Geraldine is falling under the spell of the new Assistant Bank Manager, Trevor Timmons. Trevor, an arrogant know-it-all, goads Paschal into competing against him in a baking competition at the forthcoming local Agricultural Show where events finally come to a head.

List of characters:

Paschal McHugh – a henpecked, stressed thirty-something
Geraldine McDermott-McHugh – Paschal’s domineering wife
Trevor Timmons – the new oily, self-centred assistant bank manager
Richie Collins – Paschal’s devil-may-care friend, also in his thirties
Maggie McHugh – Paschal’s fiery mother, who speaks her mind
Tess McDermott – Geraldine’s snooty mother
Harry McDermott – Tess’ much put-upon husband
Minnie Cooper – Paschal’s man-hungry aunt
Benny Boylan – an inexperienced thief
Show Announcer – the harrassed announcer at the Agricultural Show

Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes

Performed by:
Tyrrellspass Drama Group, Co. Westmeath – April 2001 (2 nights)
Tubber Drama Group, Co. Westmeath – October 2001 (5 nights)
Fal Agus Foscadh Drama Group, Clifden, Co. Galway – November 2001 (3 nights)
Round Tower Players, Killala, Co. Mayo – February 2002 (3 nights)
Clara Drama Group, Co. Offaly – February 2002 (3 nights)
Manister Drama Group, Co. Limerick – November 2002 (3 nights)
Clarinbridge Drama Group, Co. Galway – April 2003 (3 nights)
Inch Players, Co. Tipperary – April 2010 (4 nights)
Newtown Drama Group, Co. Wicklow – March 2012 (3 nights)
Rathdangan Drama Group, Co. Wicklow – March 2013 (5 nights)
Borrisoleigh Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – May 2014 (3 nights)
Kildavin/Clonegal Drama Group, Co. Carlow – February 2015 (2 nights)
Loughinisland GAC Drama Group, Co. Down – January 2016 (2 nights)
Termon Drama Group, Co. Donegal – February 2020 (3 nights)

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