A Playwright In The Nest

Playwright Darcy Pride is invited to stay at the home of Ray and Kay Kinsella after he claims an intruder has broken into his house.
While Kay, a budding playwright herself, fawns over Darcy, Ray suspects that he is lying and has a hidden agenda. He sets a trap for him, but it fails farcically.
Matters are further complicated when Ray’s life-scarred friend, Ollie Cahill is mistaken for Darcy by one of Kay’s posh friends and is later accused of theft.

Cast: Darcy Pride – playwright; Kay Kinsella – budding playwright and fan of Darcy’s; Ray Kinsella – Kay’s husband; Ollie Cahill – Ray’s life-scarred and drinking friend; Belle Corbett – Kay’s upmarket friend; Mary Ellen Meaney – Ray’s older sister; Barney Malloy – a plain speaking countryman; Gda Mossie O’Toole – a local Garda and friend of Ray’s; Josie Doyle – works in the local supermarket
5M – 4F

Performed by:

Innishkeel Drama Group, Portnoo, Co. Donegal………April 2015 (5 nights)

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