Mother Knows Best

While doing a painting job for the McDermotts, Nick Cassidy renews a friendship with their youngest daughter, Suzy. The two begin dating, much to the disapproval of Suzy’s mother, Tess, who is hoping to make a match for her daughter with stuffy financial consultant, Adrian Bird. Tess resolves to break up the young couple by whatever means she can. However, such is Tess’ pre-occupation with her daughter’s love-life, she fails to notice that her own husband, Harry is falling under the spell of her man-hungry golfing partner, Dulcie Cotter. Matters come to a head when Nick’s workmate, Joe Galligan breaks into McDermott’s, looking for money to pay off his gambling debts. During the theft, Tess’ plotting is exposed and Harry comes to a fateful decision.

List of characters:

Nick Cassidy – a happy-go-lucky painter and decorator in his twenties
Suzy McDermott – an independent-minded young schoolteacher
Tess McDermott – Suzy’s uppity and domineering mother
Harry McDermott – Tess’ long-suffering husband
Joe Galligan – Nick’s workmate, a fiftysomething with a gambling problem
Dolly Cassidy – Nick’s outspoken mother
Sadie Jessup – Dolly’s nosey, slightly dotty friend
Adrian Bird – Suzy’s would-be, stuffy, slimey boyfriend
Dinah Dolan – Nick’s trouble-making ex-girlfriend
Dulcie Cotter – a golfing friend of Tess’, who is attracted to Harry

Running time: 1 hour 55 minutes

Performed by:
Round Tower Players, Killala, Co. Mayo – February 2003 (3 nights)
Newtowncashel Drama Society, Co. Longford – March 2003 (4 nights)
Malthouse Players, Mountbellew, Co. Galway – March 2003 (3 nights)
Seir Kieran Drama Group, Clareen, Co. Offaly – October 2003 (5 nights)
Milltown Drama Group, Co. Westmeath – November 2003 (5 nights)
Cloughjordan Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – February 2004 (7 nights)
Inch Players, Inch, Co. Tipperary – March 2005 (3 nights)
Errill Drama Group, Errill, Co. Laois – April 2006 (3 nights)
Lissenhall Players, Lissenhall, Co. Tipperary – October 2006 (6 nights)
Hillside Players, Ardpatrick, Co. Limerick – January/February 2009 (10 nights)
Emly Variety Group, Co. Tipperary – November 2009 (3 nights)
Kilronan Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – February 2010 (3 nights)
Derrynoose Drama Group, Co. Armagh – February 2010 (3 nights)
St. Senan’s Drama Group, Mountcoal, Co. Kerry – March 2010 (4 nights)
Killavilla Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – March 2010 (5 nights)
Clonmore Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – November 2010 /January 2011(3 nights)
Eigse Players Drama Group, Co. Kilkenny – March 2011 (4 nights)
Lough Gur Amateur Dramatic Society, Co. Limerick – March 2011 (4 nights)
Shanowen Players, Co. Cork – March/April 2011 (5 nights)
Ballycogley Players, Co. Wexford – February/March 2012 (10 nights)
Kilworth Drama Group, Co. Cork – March 2012 (5 nights)
Swinford Variety Group, Co. Mayo – Feb/March 2013 (4 nights)
Kirikee Drama Group, Co. Wicklow – April 2014 (7 nights)
Lorrha Variety Group, Co. Tipperary – Dec 2014 (3 nights)
Rathdangan Drama Group, Co. Wicklow – March 2015 (7 nights)
Crossmolina Drama Group, Co. Mayo – Feb 2017 (3 nights)
Leghowney Drama Club, Co. Donegal – March 2019 (5 nights)
Castlemagner Players, Co. Cork – November 2019 (5 nights)
Killalaghton Drama Group, Co. Galway – January 2020 (3 nights)

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