Hitting The Jackpot

Eamonn Leslie is a County Councillor at the end of his tether. He is getting grief from his widowed mother, his snooty poet wife and his constituents. If only he could win the lotto and escape all his problems. Then suddenly he and wife Doreen win the ten million euro jackpot. There is only problem – Eamonn believes he has just lost the winning lotto slip in the home of their down-market neighbours, the Hunts and Doreen has just had a big row with Biddy Hunt.
Eamonn and Doreen have to retrieve the winning lotto slip before the Hunts find it. And Biddy Hunt’s secret passion for Eamonn doesn’t help matters.
But has Eamonn lost the winning lotto slip in the Hunts’ house? Or has someone else got it?

List of Characters:

Eamonn Leslie – a County Councillor in his late forties
Doreen Leslie – Eamonn’s snooty, poet wife, who is of similar age
Bridie Leslie – Eamonn’s tough widowed mother
Billy Finn – Biddy’s roguish father
Biddy Hunt – the nosey neighbour from across the road
Angelica Hunt – Biddy’s self-absorbed, celebrity-obsessed twenty-something daughter
Camilla Hartnett – the elegant, self-important reporter with the local paper
Toby Leech – a camp photographer in his thirties
Damien Donnelly – Angelica’s dense boyfriend in his twenties

The play opens in the Leslie home, but from Act 2: Scene 2 the rest of the play takes place in the Hunt home.

Performed by:
Moycraig YFC Drama Club, Co. Antrim – Feb/March 2014 (3 nights)
Innishkeel Drama Group, Co. Donegal – March 2014 (3 nights)
Inch Youth Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – May 2015 (2 nights)
Glenelly Players, Co. Tyrone – May 2015 (5 nights)
Carndonagh Drama Group, Co. Donegal – October 2015 (5 nights)
The Knocks Drama Group, Co. Fermanagah – May 2019 (4 nights)

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