Here Comes The Bride

Mark Conroy and Aisling Brady were engaged to be married, but Aisling broke off the engagement at the last minute. She then moved to Dublin. Eighteen months have passed and now she is coming back to be married in her local parish church, stirring up painful memories for Mark, who still loves her.
By chance, Mark discovers that Aisling’s future husband, Blaise Curtin is a love rat and tries to convince Aisling that she is making a terrible mistake. However, she thinks he is just being spiteful and refuses to listen to him.
As the wedding day approaches, Mark’s attempts to make Aisling see sense become increasingly desperate.

List of characters:

Mark Conroy – a young garage worker in his late twenties
Aisling Brady – Mark’s former girlfriend, whom he still loves
Eddie Conroy – Mark’s down-to-earth and plain-speaking father
Sheila Conroy – Mark’s hard-working mother
Darren O’Neill – Mark’s easygoing friend, who gets him into trouble
Krystle Reilly – Mark’s new girlfriend, who is a mouth on legs
Blaise Curtin – a self-centred actor, who is Aisling’s future husband
Winnie Rabbitte – the priest’s housekeeper and parish gossip
Ciara Brady – Aisling’s older flirtatious sister
Pearl Brady – Aisling and Ciara’s constantly worried mother
Monica Curtin – an enigmatic figure from Blaise’s past

Running time: 1 hour 55 minutes

There is one scene change at the end of Act 2: Scene 1.
Act 3: Scene 1 is a short scene, which is set in a room off the Conroy’s garage. It can be realized in front of the curtains with a few props.

Performed by:
Fal Agus Foscadh Drama Group, Clifden, Co. Galway – November 2003 (4 nights)
Milltown-Empor-Moyvore Drama Group, Co. Wesmeath – January 2005 (3 nights)
Tyrrellspass Drama Group, Co. Westmeath – March 2005 (3 nights)
Inch Players, Inch, Co. Tipperary – March 2006 (4 nights)
Millrace Drama Group, Co. Cavan – April/May 2008 (8 nights)
Glanworth Players, Co. Cork – March 2011 (4 nights)
Ballyhaise Drama Group, Co. Cavan – Feb/March 2013 (3 nights).

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