Fortunes And Misfortunes

Daisy Fortune is a hard-working fiftysomething, who is supporting a lazy husband and a good-for-nothing son. She loses her job as a waitress in ‘The Cosy Corner’ after her son, Nathan’s pet lizard ‘Britney’, gets loose in the premises. She gets a job as a housekeeper for Bill and Oonagh Delaney. Oonagh is busy organizing a poetry workshop, which is being held in her home, and has invited renowned poet, Aubrey Peacock to attend. Meanwhile, there is tension in the Delaneys’ marriage as a result of Bill’s flirting with Wanda Hunt, the mother of one of his pupils.
However, when Nathan’s lizard escapes in the Delaney home and Oonagh’s fruit punch is accdentally laced with alcohol, the workshop turns into a complete disaster and the tension between Oonagh and Wanda finally explodes.

List of characters:

Daisy Fortune – a hard-working woman in her fifties, who hopes for a big lotto win.
Bill Delaney – the local national school principal, also in his fifties
Oonagh Delaney – Bill’s social climbing wife, who is also an aspiring poet.
Hilary Swan – Oonagh’s friend, who is a published poet and a man-hater.
Nathan Fortune – Daisy’s good-for-nothing son, who has big ideas.
Wanda Hunt – the flirtatious mother of one of Bill’s pupils. She fancies Bill.
Aubrey Peacock – a vain and self-absorbed poet, who is terrified of lizards.
Fr. McCabe – an elderly priest, who finds Wanda intimidating.
Gina Berry – a mouthy waitress in ‘The Cosy Corner’.
Gloria Harte – the owner of ‘The Cosy Corner’, who has grand ideas.
Photographer – turns up when the poetry workshop is in full swing

Running time: 2 hours approx.

Performed by:
Fal Agus Foscadh Drama Group, Clifden, Co. Galway – November 2004 (3 nights)
MEM Drama Group, Milltown, Co. Westmeath – February 2007 (3 nights)
Tyrrellspass Drama Group, Co. Westmeath – March 2008 (3 nights)
Kildysart Players, Co. Clare – March 2010 (4 nights)
Kilbarron Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – March 2010 (6 nights)
Tullylease Drama Group, Tullylease, Co. Cork – March 2011 (5 nights)
Derrynoose Drama Group, Derrynoose, Co. Armagh – March 2011 (3 nights)
Parke Drama Group, Co Mayo – March 2012 (4 nights)
Round Tower Players, Killala, Co. Mayo – March 2012 (3 nights)
Kiltegan Drama Group, Kiltegan, Co. Wicklow – February 2013 (3 nights)
Mullagh Entire Drama Group, Co. Clare – Feb/ March 2013 (5 nights)
Rearcross Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – April 2013 (4 nights)
Crossmolina Drama Group, Co. Mayo – Feb 2014 (3 nights)
Rath Drama Group, Co. Offaly – Oct 2014 (3 nights)
Inch Youth Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – Feb 2018 (2 nights)

4 Responses to Fortunes And Misfortunes

  1. banana fone! says:

    hey jimmy, big fan, my drama group’s performing fortunes and misfortunes…our director is Liam Daly. you might remember him from when the milrace drama group performed here comes the bride in 2008…any, jst wanted to say hi and 2 c wot u lukd lyk!:) <3

    • Jimmy Keary says:

      Thanks for saying hello. Great to hear from you. I remember Liam well. Hope you’re enjoying rehearsing the play.
      That photo of me is a few years old. But I haven’t changed too much.

  2. Bernard Gallagher says:

    Hi Jimmy; it’s Bernard Gallagher from the Glanworth Players, we hope to stage Fortunes and Misfortunes next March, look forward to hearing from you again and working on one of your productions.

    • admin says:

      That’s great news, Bernard! It’s also being staged by the Round Tower Players in Killala, Co. Mayo in February and by the Parke Drama Group near Castlebar, Co. Mayo.
      I’ll be in touch with you.
      I wonder are you playing Aubrey Peacock?

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