Better Late Than Never

Phyllis Maye is a lonely, unmarried woman in her forties. She is dominated by her slightly older sister, Marjorie Lord. Marjorie delights in setting Phyllis up on totally unsuitable dates and then watching her be humiliated. She blames Phyllis for her unhappy childhood.

Then, by chance, Phyllis meets Emmet Hurley, a photographer, and there is an instant attraction between them. As romance slowly blossoms between Phyllis and Emmet, Phyllis sets out to break up the couple by whatever means she can.

Meanwhile Marjorie’s husband, Albert, who has been secretly in love with Phyllis for many years, finally makes his move.

Matters are further complicated by a secret admirer of Emmet’s.


Phyllis Maye………a lonely, unmarried woman in her forties

Emmet Hurley……a fortright photographer in his forties, who is attracted to Phyllis

Marjorie Lord…….Phyllis’ domineering, slightly older sister

Albert Lord………..Marjorie’s henpecked accountant husband

Wally Cuffe……….a failed entertainer with an opinion of himself

Imelda Crotty……a mouthy waitress with a turbulent love life

Gda Pat Doyle… accident-prone Garda

Sharon Grace…..another mouthy waitress.

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