I’m The One For You

Gerry O’Malley is a widower and farmer living alone. Dorrie Sinnott is a widow, who comes in to clean for him once a week. Dorrie fancies Gerry and has high hopes that wedding bells will ring for them both some day.
But local bachelor farmer, Jack O’Dowd fancies Dorrie, having courted her some years previously before she was married. However, Dorrie has no time for Jack and dismisses his advances every chance she gets.
Then Gerry meets Ruth Hickey, a newly-arrived divorcee in the area, when she approaches him to hire his lorry for a forthcoming ICA event. There is an instant rapport between them.
Matters are further complicated by Gerry’s son-in-law, Hugo Carter, who helps in the theft of Gerry’s farm machinery to pay off his debts to some very unsavoury characters.
As Dorrie’s advances become more amorous and Jack becomes more jealous, Gerry realises he will have to do something about the situation but his colour-blindness and some mixed-up invitations only make matters ten times worse.
Who will end up with the partner of their dreams?

Gerry O’Malley…….A widowed farmer in his early fifties
Dorrie Sinnott……..A widow, also in her early fifties
Jack O’Dowd………A hot-tempered bachelor farmer in his late forties
Ruth Hickey……….A well-to-do divorcee, who catches Gerry’s eye
Eleanor Carter…….Gerry’s daughter
Hugo Carter……….Eleanor’s shady husband
Mona McMahon…..A friend of Dorrie
Nell Moody………..A humourless ICA woman
Frankie Deane…….A thug, who likes pushing people around

The action takes place over a few weeks in a room off the kitchen of Gerry O’Malley’s farmhouse.

Performed by:
Rathdangan Drama Group, Co. Wicklow – February/March 2012 (5 nights)
Rathowen Amateur Dramatic Society, Westmeath – Nov/Dec 2012 (3 nights)
Clonmore Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – February/March 2013 (3 nights)
Castleconnor Drama Group, Co. Sligo – March 2013 (3 nights)
Trien Players, Co. Roscommon – March 2013 (3 nights)
Inch Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – March 2014 (4 nights)
Glenelly Players, Co. Tyrone – April 2014 (5 nights)
Drama Dearg, Barnaderg, Co. Galway – November 2014 (2 nights)
Killoran Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – March 2015 (5 nights)
Aisteoiri Beal Easa, Foxford, Co. Mayo – March 2015 (5 nights)
Skryne/Dromard Drama Group, Co. Sligo – January 2016 (3 nights)
Kilquan Players, Co. Kilkenny (6 nights)
Millrace Drama Group, Co. Cavan – May 2017 (4 nights)
Dunkerrin Drama Group, Co. Offaly – January 2018 (3 nights)
Kildorrery Drama Group, Co. Cork – November 2018 (5 nights)
Ahakeera Drama Group, Co. Cork – Jan-March 2019 (14 nights)
Carn Drama Club, Co. Donegal – February 2019 (3 nights)
Narraghmore Drama Group, Co. Kildare – Nov 2019 (4 nights)
Fenagh Drama Troupe, Co. Leitrim – February 2020 (4 nights)


2 Responses to I’m The One For You

  1. Frank Dolan says:

    Just attended the production at The Benevolent Irish Hall, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Canada of your play “I’m the One for You”. Acting very good, crowd response great, very well received. My wife and I have previously seen several of your plays while on our annual visits to Leitrim.
    Frank & Carm Dolan. March 2022.

    • Jimmy Keary says:


      Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to leave that message on my website. I’m delighted you and your wife have been following my work.
      My e-mail is jimkeary@gmail.com if you want to keep in touch and perhaps meet up for a coffee.
      Thanks again,

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