10 – 15 Minute Sketches

1. A Lotto Trouble
Billy Malone and Mick Tomelty are part of a lotto syndicate whose six numbers have come up. But Billy has lost the winning ticket at his girlfriend’s house. He and Mick must retrieve the ticket before his girlfriend’s mother gets her greedy hands on it.
Cast: 3M – 2F

2. For Better, For Worse
Bill and Catriona are newly-weds. Catriona’s lack of culinary skills becomes apparent when she tries to cook Bill’s breakfast for the first time. The arrival of Bill’s overbearing and interfering mother aggravates the situation and forces Catriona to make a stand.
Cast: 1M – 2F

3. The Letter
Sheila Flaherty mistakes a young nun for the girl she believes is trying to lead her son, Joe astray.
Cast: 2M – 2F

4. The Big Day
Marie Farrell is jilted on her wedding day. She and her mother, Josie return home early, unaware that a thief is hiding in the house. There are further complications when the missing groom and a would-be boyfriend of Marie’s both turn up at the house.
Cast: 3M – 2F

5. A Little Deception
Noel Murtagh’s plans for a romantic evening are thrown into disarray when his mother returns home unexpectedly.
Cast: 1M – 2F

6. The Weed of Westmeath
An unlikely assortment of beauties gather for the annual Weed of Westmeath contest.
Cast: 3M – 5F (cast can be reduced by having fewer contestants)


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