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Jimmy Keary
Co.Westmeath N91 DP65

Tel: 043-6676098 or 087-6877947


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  1. Hi Jimmy,

    Our first night over last night and we played a stormer to a packed house!
    we all had a great time and the audience got every line and we had them falling out of their seats for the finale!

    Well done, Jimmy on another ‘cracker’ of a play!

  2. Rose Younge says:

    Jimmy, we had another great night last night and you will be pleasantly surpised when you visit tonight as we are managing to stick to the script thisyear! We have a newcomer on stage and she is scared to death that she will go wrong especially with you in the audience but I reassured her that you don’t get cross like that!

    Looking forward to seeing you.


  3. Rose Younge says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    it was great to have you with us last night and we hope that we did not let you down in our interpretation of ‘The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley.!
    We have enjoyed it very much and look forward to our last night next saturday, 26th.
    Best wishes,

  4. Rudy Ramos says:

    I just looked at your site. Very nice and impressive. Congrats on your 13th play.
    Rudy Ramos

  5. Marion Noone says:

    Thanks to your wonderful play the “Maiden Aunt” we had two great nights entertainment in frenchpark hall on 9th and 11th of December. The audience laughed heartily throughout, were full of compliments for both the play and the cast and we are now left not knowing what to do with ourselves after such a busy spell. Thanks for your visit to the dress rehearsal and all your encouragement and of course this wonderful play. Keep up the good work..

  6. Joe Donnelly says:

    Was honoured to direct The House Husband in Swanlinbar for two very successful performances.The play was full of life and humour and was enjoyed by cast and audience. Thank you for your good luck card sent to Serena. Hopefully we will use one of your other plays next year. Joe Donnelly.

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