New Play: For Better, For Worse

I have just completed my new three-act comedy ‘For Better, For Worse’. It’s my 18th three-act comedy and it’s a sequel to the very popular, ‘The Two Loves of Gabriel Foley’.
Gabriel and Chrissie are now married, but things are not going well – in and out of the bedroom. Matters are made worse by Gabriel’s mother, Aggie, who is living with them and who treats Chrissie like a dogsbody. Then Gabriel asks his recently-widowed Aunt Lucy to stay for a few days…..
Gabriel Foley – a farmer
Chrissie Foley – his wife
Aggie Foley – Gabriel’s mother
Lucy Lacey – Gabriel’s aunt and Aggie’s sister
Miriam Maguire – a modern-thinking woman
Liam Gavigan – a friend of Gabriel’s
Lily McGinty – a gossiping friend of Lucy’s
Johnny Dowdall – a friend of Liam’s
Crispin Tweed – a counsellor .

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