‘Out Of The Frying Pan’ revamped

I have just re-edited and revamped one of my earlier plays, ‘Out Of The Frying Pan’, which I first wrote in 2008 as far as I remember.
I watched a dvd of a production of the play a few weeks ago and realized that it needed some judicious pruning. In the process, I’ve cut two pages or more from the original.
‘Out Of The Frying Pan’ tells the story of Breda Flynn and her attempts to break up her brother John Joe’s relationship with traffic warden, Gretta Dunne. But her meddling leads to various complications and confrontations and a few home truths.
Breda Flynn……..avid baker and meddler.
Arthur Flynn……..Breda’s long-suffering husband
John Joe Foley…..Breda’s brother
Gretta Dunne…….A woman with a reputation
Melanie Dunne…..Gretta’s superficial daughter
Rory Flynn………..Breda and Arthur’s wayward son
Florrie Hackett……Breda’s bitter baking rival
Elaine Mooney……John Joe’s first love

The play is set entirely in the Flynn home. The action spans a year.


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