‘Love Knots’: Synopsis and characters

Teacher and part-time farmer, Larry Casey is unlucky in love. As we meet him, his first date with librarian Fidelma Power looks like it will be his last.
As Chairman of the local U-14 GAA Club, Larry’s main concern is finding a date for the club’s big dinner dance on Saturday night.
Then a chance meeting with divorcee Carmel Doherty looks like it might not only get him a date for the dance, but also might lead to something more. But things get off to a bad start when Larry’s interfering next-door neighbour, Vera Malone fixes him up with another date for Saturday night.
As Larry tries to extricate himself from this tricky situation, his over-protective mother, Freda decides to get involved.
Larry Casey – teacher/part-time farmer in his late 30s
Carmel Doherty – divorcee in her mid-thirties
Nuala Carmody – A grumpy waitress, late 40s
Vera Malone – Larry’s interfering neighbour
Eddie O’Donnell – A builder friend of Larry’s
Freda Casey – Larry’s mother
Camillus Casey – Larry’s father
Fidelma Power – An upmarket librarian, 40s.

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