The Late Vincent Dowling

I just wanted to say a few words about the late Vincent Dowling.
While many will write of his many stage roles and of his accomplishments as a director, I’ll always remember him as Christy Kennedy in ‘The Kennedys of Castleross’ on Radio Eireann when I was growing up during the 1960s. Thanks to the skill of all the actors involved, I never for a moment thought that they were standing at microphones in a studio. I always thought they were out and about or wherever the action was meant to take place.
As far as I remember the character, Christy was Mrs. Kennedy’s son. He worked on Peadar Mahony’s farm and later married Jill Boylan, who was played by Marie O’Neill.
It was my exposure to that show and to the vast output of the Radio Eireann Drama Department that set me on the road which led to me eventually becoming a writer.
I am sorry I didn’t have a chance to sample Mr. Dowling’s later theatre work.
May he Rest In Peace..

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