First Act Of New Play Completed

I have completed the first act of my new play, ‘A Friend In Need’. As usual it contains two scenes and runs to 20 pages.
I’ll read back over the 20 pages now and see what lines need to be changed or deleted.
I’m happy with the title and will probably keep it.
At the moment, I have sketchy ideas for the next two acts plus lots of blanks. But the fun of writing for me is filling in those blanks.
Characters so far: Clodagh Fitzpatrick – a thirtysomething whose marriage is stale and whose life is made bearable by her love of literature; Fergus Lambe – a freelance writer and former boyfriend of Clodagh’s, who’s in trouble with his wife and mother-in-law for an incident, which wasn’t his fault; Rosie O’Regan – Clodagh’s mouthy housekeeper; Tilly Trimble – Fergus’ housekeeper and good friend of Rosie’s; Lorcan Fitzpatrick – Clodagh’s husband and a failed organic farmer..

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