The Maiden Aunt

In early February 2000, my first three-act comedy, ‘The Maiden Aunt’ had its premiere in Killala, Co. Mayo. Thirteen years later, it’s going stronger than ever. It’s fast becoming my most popular play. I can’t believe it.
If all productions of the play, which are in rehearsal, make it to the stage, there’ll be eleven between Christmas and April this year (twelve since the current drama season began).
I never thought when I was struggling with it back in 1999 – and writing it by hand for the third or fourth time – that it would become this popular.
I remember sitting beside a woman when the play was first staged in Killala and she commented something along the lines that it was so natural, it was like looking into someone’s house. God forbid that anyone’s house would be as chaotic as Dan an Mary Murphy’s. But I think audiences like to see characters they can identify with – someone they could see every day in their own area.
And that’s what I try to do in all my plays – keep one foot in reality and let the other foot wander about a bit.
So, in the next few weeks, Gertie O’Grady’s off to Derry, Donegal, Sligo, Mayo, Cork (twice), Tipperary, Offaly and Roscommon. Hope she has her buss pass handy..

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