‘The Maiden Aunt’ in Rathowen

Last weekend was a very special weekend for me with the first production of one my plays, ‘The Maiden Aunt’ in Rathowen.
The occasion was also special because it marked the first production by the newly-revived Rathowen Amateur Dramatic Society (RADS) after a gap of twenty-seven years. I had acted in the group’s last production, ‘The Mummy and The Mumps’ in the old St. Mary’s Hall in 1984.
I would like to thank the RADS for picking my play, director Liam Butler and the cast for all their hard work over the past number of months, and everyone behind the scenes, who did sterling work to make sure the production ran smoothly. Writing a comedy is one thing, but without a talented cast and director to get the laughs, it just remains words on pages. The cast and director of ‘The Maiden Aunt’ really succeeded in bringing my play to life.
I would also like to thank the RADS for the kindness they showed to my mother and I at last Sunday night’s final performance.
The occasion was all the more emotional because the old St. Mary’s Hall was where my mother and late father met at the Switch-On Dance in 1955. I hope it’ll be remembered that fifty six years later the local community gathered in the new hall to enjoy a play written by their son.
I wish the RADS every success for many, many years to come.

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