Act 2 Finished

I’ve just finished Act 2 of ‘What You Want And What You Get’ in record time. I can’t believe I’m writing this play so quickly. Of course, there’ll have to be corrections and some rewrites and tedious proof reading, but the bulk of the writing will soon be over.
Working with good characters is the secret, I think. The dialogue seems to write itself, which seems a strange thing to say, I know.
And the story is developing the way I want it. A chance line for the ‘Hugo’ character at the beginning of Act 1: Scene 2 opened up new possibilities for the story and I went with them and, fortunately, they worked.
As for the funny lines, I’m not sure where they’re coming from. When I’m in front of the laptop screen and writing for these characters, these lines just come into my head. Or sometimes I’ll think of them when I’m shaving or out driving or clipping a hedge.
I’m telling you, when I’m writing a play, it’s in my head twenty four hours a day.
Wish me luck with Act 3. .

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