Act 1 Of New Play Finished

I have just finished Act 1 of my new play, which still has the title ‘What You Want And What You Get’. It’s really only a first draft, but I’m very happy with how it’s turning out.
The story is developing nicely and in ways I hadn’t anticipated when I started writing it. Gerry’s son-in-law, Hugo has gambling debts and is stealing from his wife and is planning to steal machinery from Gerry’s farm. All this came from a phone conversation at the beginning of Act 1: Scene 2, which took on a life of its own.
New characters include Mona McMahon, a fortright friend of Dorrie’s and Nell Moody, a staunch ICA woman, who isn’t always tuned in on the right frequency.
Fingers crossed that inspiration continues to strike. I’ll keep you posted..

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  1. Marion Noone says:

    Sounds like you were watching that ICA bootcamp program.. which one of them I wonder did you model your charachter on … joking .. new play sounds great..

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