New Play Just Started

I’ve started my new play, provisionally titled ‘A Thing Called Love’. It’s about a domineering woman called Marjorie Lord, who tries to run her sister, Phyllis Maye’s love life and seems to take a delight in finding unsuitable boyfriends for her. But then Phyllis meets a man herself and falls in love with him and Marjorie is anything but pleased.
Well, that’s the plan. It’s early days in the play yet. I’m only on Page 6. Marjorie has brought Phyllis to a cafe called ‘The Cosy Corner’ – already featured in Fortunes and Misfortunes’ – to meet her latest ‘find’, Wally Cuffe. Wally is actually based on someone I met last week and replaces another character I had in mind. I have great plans for Wally and his dialogue is already going over in my mind.
Five of the characters have been introduced already and there may only be another two to introduce.
It’s early days yet, but I’m very happy with the work I’ve done so far. But, it’s a slow process – as I’ve said on my facebook page, a bit like building a house of cards.
Fingers crossed that rest of it goes as well. .

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