Ron Masak (Murder She Wrote’s Sheriff Metzger)

Although, I sometimes have to pinch myself to make sure it’s true, Ron Masak, a longt-time star of stage and screen, and better known to viewers on this side of the Atlantic as Sheriff Metzger in the hugely popular ‘Murder, She Wrote’, says I’m his favourite playwright. He’s even posted it here on my website.
Unfortunately, I’ve never met the man, but I first contacted him through his website about eight years ago to say how much I enjoyed ‘Murder, She Wrote’. He replied and told me he and his wife had just been to Ireland and how much they had enjoyed the trip. One e-mail led to another and we’ve been in touch ever since, even speaking on the phone a number of times.
I told him I wrote plays and tentatively asked if he would like to read one. He said he would. Then I nervously waited his verdict. He loved it. That was the one-act play ‘Looking For Love’. And so it started – I’ve sent him all my plays, either as complete works or as works in progress, and he’s been fulsome in his praise, while pointing out any little flaws I mightn’t have noticed.
I will be forever grateful to him for the interest he has shown in my work – a man he has never met – and for all the encouragement he has given me. It has been a sharp contrast to what I have received from one or two of my fellow Irishmen over the years.
I really value Ron’s friendship and that of his lovely wife Kay and hope to meet both of them in person some day.
God bless you, Ron!.

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