For Better, For Worse

Farmer Gabriel Foley is newly married. His wife, Chrissie is stressed and unhappy as things are not going well for the couple in and out of the bedroom. Matters aren’t helped by the caustic comments of Gabriel’s mother, Aggie, who is living with them, and by the arrival of glamorous Miriam Maguire, the upmarket daughter of an old friend of Aggie’s.
Then Gabriel invites his widowed Aunt Lucy to stay for a few days…..
Characters: 4M – 5F

Performed by:
Clonmore Drama Group, Co. Tipperary – Dec 2015 (3 nights)
Hagglerock Drama Group, Co. Louth – March/June 2016 (5 nights)
Killala Drama Group, Co. Mayo – Feb 2017 (4 nights)
Gaelic Park Players, Chicago – April/May 2017 (10 nights)
De Courcey Drama Group, Co. Cork – April 2017 (3 nights)
Portumna Players, Co.Galway – March/April 2018 (6 nights)
Kilworth Drama Group, Co. Cork – November 2018 (6 nights)